Benefits of Leasing

-John D. Rockefeller

Keep in mind...

  • Income is not
    generated from the
    ownership of
    equipment - It is
    generated by the
    use of the equipment

  • Conserve your cash
    and invest it in other
    income generating

  • Payments made
    through a true fair
    market value lease
    are fully tax

  • Purchasing
    equipment with
    traditional bank
    loans or cash offers
    no flexibility

  • With equipment
    leasing you have


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Mr. Rockefeller may not have been noted for his environmentalism – but he
certainly knew how to build a profitable business.  Remember, income is
not generated from the ownership of equipment.  It is generated by the
use of it.  By leasing capital equipment you can conserve cash and invest it
in other income generating ways.  

Manage Your Cash:

  • Preserve capital – keep your money in the bank for operating
  • Low monthly payments – compared to a traditional bank loan,
    equipment leasing typically offers lower monthly payments by
    adjusting the term of the lease
  • Fixed payment – with equipment leasing, the term and payment are
    fixed in the lease contract.  There are no surprises in your monthly
    cash outlay
  • Soft costs included – installation charges, sales tax, and other fees
    which in total can be quite significant, do not need to be paid for
    with cash.  These costs can instead be included in the lease

With a simple one page application you can initiate the process for an
equipment lease.  If the amount of the equipment is less than $75,000
usually no additional information is necessary for approval.  Typically, this
type of transaction can be completed in a few hours.  Banks, on the other
hand, require stacks of paper for even the smallest amounts.  

Tax Benefits:
Equipment lease payments are often fully deductible.  You should always
consult your tax advisor to confirm the tax treatment for a lease.  
Generally, payments made through a true fair market value lease are fully
deductible.  A $1 or fixed 10%  purchase option lease allows for the
deduction of the interest portion of the payment and depreciation of the
principal portion.

With equipment lease finance you can pick a payment and term that you
are comfortable with.  Choose from 12 to 60 months.  Your GREENTECH
account manager will help you select the payment and term that satisfies
your needs.  

Avoid Technology Obsolescence:
If you choose a fair market value lease or a lease with a residual, the
leasing company assumes some of the risk of the value of the equipment
at the end of the lease term.  For example, if you believe energy
technology will change in a few years and you will need to upgrade your
equipment, you can choose a 24 or 36 month term.  At the end of the
equipment lease you can return the equipment, extend or renew the
lease, or purchase the equipment.  Keep in mind that purchasing
equipment with traditional bank loans or cash offers no flexibility.  You own
the equipment regardless.

        With equipment leasing you have options.
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Advantages of
Equipment Leasing:

  • Preserve working
    capital and bank
    lines of credit
  • Tax benefits
  • Lower monthly
  • Start-up packages
  • Pick your payment
  • Pick your term
  12 - 60 months
  • One page application
  • Quick approval
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