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Examples of equipment:
- Low emission devices
- Test and measurement
- Alternative fuel vehicles
- Alternative energy
- Software


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As an eco-friendly manufacturer, distributor, or service provider you want
to sell your products and services and promote your support of the
environment.  GREENTECH will work closely with you to develop a custom
equipment lease program that helps you sell more products or deliver
more services while highlighting your participation in the
Capital™ vendor program.  Benefits for you and your clients include:

  • Leasing helps remove the price barrier by offering flexible payment
    terms and providing quick access to capital
  • Low monthly payments help make your customer’s purchase
    decision easier
  • Give your customer a choice of buying or lease finance -- eliminates
    a "no" answer to obtaining your equipment
  • Several lease-end purchase options
  • Automatic communication to encourage your customer to return to
    you for more equipment at lease-end
  • Joint sales calls with a GREENTECH account manager if you want
  • You sell your equipment --  we sell the financing for you
  • 10 trees will be planted on behalf of your customer -- and, your
    customer will receive an official certificate with your company's name
    on it, reminding them of your partnership
Lease Finance
There are several steps we will manage to develop a strong GREENTECH
vendor program to help you sell more through leasing.  
We will:

  1. Review past leasing programs and consider what worked and what
    did not
  2. Ask a few of your customers what they want in a leasing program
  3. Prepare an easy to read and effective single page marketing sheet
    explaining the benefits of leasing, customized with your company
    name, and with a single page application included on the reverse
  4. Review this customized equipment lease program with your
    customers and modify
  5. Develop and provide training  for your sales team to help them sell
    more through the new lease program
  6. Call on your customers when you request it to assist with closing
    sales through leasing
  7. Review the vendor lease program on regular basis and modify if
    necessary to ensure its effectiveness for you

It is important to maintain consistent communication between you, your
customers and GREENTECH to get the most benefit from your new leasing
program.  We will dedicate appropriate resources -- at a minimum, one
account manager -- to help make your program a success.
    Elements of a Successful Vendor Program
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